Monday, August 11, 2014

Detroit Favorites

There really are not enough words to describe Detroit. Everyone has this horrible image of this mass chaos city, when in actuality Detroit is in my opinion a safe place to work and play. There is SO much to do in Detroit, but here are some of my hidden favorite.  

Small Plates
1521 Broadway St

This would be the american version of tapas. The restaurant was so cute. This would be a fun place to go with your girl friends, not really an ideal place for guys (small portions). I got the chicken and waffles and they were hands down amazing. 

Detroit Institute of Art
5200 Woodward Ave

Located in Midtown the DIA almost always has something going on. I would say it is a standard art museum, but the architecture is so pretty. 

Willys Detroit
441 W Canfield St

This. boutique. is. so. cool. Midtown is apparently where it is at. The place has a ton of unique stuff and it is incredibly different. Rumor has it that one of the Olsen twins was shopping here this summer.  I would describe Willys as straight up Detroit street style. 

Motor City Brewing Works
470 W Canfield St

Definition of a Midtown resturant/pub/brewery (I have no clue what one would call it). I would describe this place as kind of hipster and super trendy. I love how there are so many places in Michigan that brew their own beer. Motor City Brewing Works is almost always crowded. Everyone is so nice and friendly. My favorite part of this place is that you can sample all of the different beers they brew. (The colors are my favorite part) 

Eastern Market
2934 Russell St

Do not even get me started on this place. There are a number of cute little boutiques. There are countless fresh fruits and vegetables. This is where my mom gets all of her flowers for her garden (she will probably kill me for giving away her secret) There is always fresh coffee and you can probably spend hours on hours here. There is for sure something for everybody. 

Astoria Pastry Shop
541 Monroe Ave

I have been to Greek Town a countless number of times, and I never even saw this hole in the wall until recently. I did not know how much I was missing out. The first time I went here the people I was with kind of just slid in, and when I walked in my jaw dropped. Pretty much anything you can think of is served here, and you can not leave this place without gaining a couple of pounds.


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