Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Books! Books! Bah-books! EVERYBODY!

This summer I had little breaks where I had enough time to troll the internet, but not enough time to actually fully emerge myself into a project. Somehow I ended always running into so many book reviews. (Trust me, I do not Google, “book reviews”, but somehow they pop up) It is embarrassing how many books I bought this summer. I mean my family purchased Amazon Prime, so it’s basically the fiscal decision to buy an absurd amount of books, right?

Full disclosure I have the biggest girl crush on Mindy Kaling, so purchasing her book Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? was a no brainer. It was a really easy read and I was laughing throughout the whole thing. Kaling’s stories were so relatable and it made you feel as though she was one of your BFFs that you want to invite to brunch next weekend. I bought it and my sister was thumbing through the book. By the next day she read through the whole thing. I think I definitely converted her to a Kaling fan!


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