Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Basic College Packing List

These college packing list are littering my Pinterest page come August. I see them and there are hundreds of things on the list and half of the things I never used once! I tried to compile a list of just the basics! Hope everyone is a excited as I am to head back to school.

Here is just little reasons why I say to bring XYZ:

|Batteries| You do not want to have to run to the gas station at 3 in the morning the night before finals to run and get batteries for your calculator... yes that did happen to me freshman year.

|To-go Coffee Mugs| Good for taking coffee to class, and pre-gaming. No one will suspect it.

|Extra Phone Charger| Have a changer just to have in your bag at all times. You do not want to be walking home from the library late at night with a dead phone.

|Big Storage Box| I did not even think about this until way late in the game. You can basically clean up your room really fast by throwing everything you own into this last second. 

|Hangers| My freshman year I did not bring or buy any hangers and it was struggle bus central. It cost a couple of bucks at the store, but so worth it.

|Over the Door Hooks| So useful, and you have somewhere to hang your towel.
|Duffle Bags| Great for transporting things to and from your house, but also great for those 
random weekend trips.

|Paper Plates| Seriously no one does dishes and paper plates prevents you from having to do them.

|First Aid Kit| This should include band aids, neosporin, and medications. (Allergy meds, ibuprofen, and pepto bismol. (Pepto Bismol cures hangovers))

|A Suit| There are career fairs ALL THE TIME and you want to look your best.

|Water Pitcher| You do not want to have to walk all the way to the community bathroom in 
the middle of the night or in the middle of an intense study session to go grab water.

|Alarm Clock| But you say, "I have one on my phone". My phone broke TWICE in the last year where I did not have an alarm. Bring one because you may not know when you will need it.

|Three Sets of Sheets| If you do laundry and forget to put your sheets in the dryer and at 1am you realize this you will be happy you have an extra set. Also the dorm get so messy you will want the extra sets.

|Extension Cords| These are so important! I swear they design the dorms to be as unfunctional as possible and there are not nearly as many plugs as you need. 

|Fragrance Plug-in| The single most important thing you can buy for your dorm. As I said before dorms are gross. And having a fragrance plug in will be a total and complete savior. My favorite is lavender vanilla. 

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