Friday, May 16, 2014

Comfy Cozy

 I would kind of be lying if I did not normally dress like this. I am in college, so wearing leggings as pants will not be the worst thing I will do all week. From running from class to class, to studying, and sneaking in a coffee run (Biggby Girl for life), a girls got to be comfortable. Its weird because now that school is out and I work Monday through Friday I have to dress a certaint way (business attire) so I only get the weekends to wear what I want. With the weather still being crazy cold (for May) My comfy weekend clothes have not really changed all that much.   

- I HATE Nike shoes for running they really mess up my legs, and I heard from other runners that they are the worst shoes for running, so I only wear mine for walking around, or for doing circuits so I do not mess up my legs. 

-Also I do not have anything against Lulu lemon (just their prices and how crowded their tiny stores always are), but I heard gap leggings are the best and definitely comparable to Lulu.

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