Monday, November 4, 2019

Dresses for Your Engagement Photos

Hey what is up hello! Engagement photos are a big part between the process of getting engaged and getting married. I know it is a super easy way to cut on the budget, but there were a couple of reasons we really wanted engagement photos.

Recently I saw my grandma's wedding photos and I thought that it would be nice for something to pass down. 

You only get professional photos for your wedding and how many photos do you want in formal attire?

If you have the time and resources, why not?!

Here were some of the dresses I was thinking about. I wanted a fall vibe, and I almost  went with the yellow floral dress pictured above. Below are some other options, and a sneak (not pointing it out) peak on what I did wear.

Also a tip for what to wesr for the shoot is wear what makes you comfortable. I LOVE the maxi boho dress photos. However, I have never worn a maxi boho dress in my life, and I probably never will. I probably will never wear a flower crown ever. We personally went with a more casual feel, because we spend about 90% of the time not at work in workout gear! Haha! Wear what makes you comfortable and go with that!

Shop the look here

Sunday, November 3, 2019

Pink Pants Three Ways

Hey what is up hello! I do not know about you, but I am a stylish gal on a budget. I also live in DC so space is scarce. That is why I love to be able to take a piece and wear it a couple of different ways. Here is how I styled pink pants 3 different ways. 

Number One// the place I spend the most time is work! I focus most of my wardrobe fund on what I can wear to work, and if I can wear it after work that is even better! I love the pink pants paired with a black top and make it even better with a super cute blazer

Number Two// Pair the pink pants with a white blouse. You can still wear this to work, and even better you can pair that with a jean jacket for AFTER work. I love this casual style for hanging out with the fam, or going to book club after work. 

Number Three// Ready to move a groove. I love a good two piece set, match this with a cute crop top, you can head to the beach, or a night out on the town. 

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Why I started a Boutique

Hey what is up hello! I started a boutique (found here). Let me tell you, I love fashion, and I have always wanted to open a store. So here we are! Lets jump into it!

Where did the name Norm & Jane come from?

So I have always wanted to own a line of luxury handbags/ shoes. I wanted to do everything from scratch and something totally new, and I wanted to name that after my mom's name. However, I am not at that point of my life for that. The name she goes by is "Jane", I played around with that. I have no clue how this added to the equation, but Norm is my parents dog. Norm is the best dog ever, so this all came together.

Also if you ever questioned where the blog name game from, it might have also come from my family (here)

Are you working with someone to get the clothing items?

I think people thought I was part of an MLM. Actually everyone besides my mom did! I am not part of ~*anything*~ I am like any other boutique you would see around you. I have my own suppliers, I have my own online store, I do my own marketing.

So where do you get your clothing items from?

This is what makes every single boutique unique! There are hundreds to thousands of places to get your boutique items. There are a couple of major cities to get your items from and I mainly get all of my clothes from LA suppliers!

How did you find the time to open a boutique?

I was on a military deployment for 9 months. There was so much off time when you do not fiends or family around. Yes I was working 12 hours a day, but also I had nothing to do with the other hours! I had a lot of time to research, come up with a business plan, het all the legalities set up, and put in the ground work to start. Here we are!

Why did you open a boutique? 

I honestly tried to open 3 other businesses, (two service based, 1 product based). And I could not for the life of me get it off the ground. I tried everything. I went to try a boutique thinking that it would be just as hard.EVERYTHING CLICKED! 

Seriously I love clothing, I love fashion, everything came together so easy. (Post three other fails) I love it and I think it is my natural calling.

Are you happy you opened a boutique?

Yes, every second I learn so much. I love working on it and growing it! Plus I love seeing everyone enjoy Norm and Jane's clothes!

Are you working your boutique full time?

No, I still work my 9-5. I actually just a  communications roll that I am super pumped about! That is actually a big impact on Norm and Jane I found that business clothes for women are either super bland, or you are going clubbing. You want into a store womens clothes are going out or super casual. While the men's side have all these button downs, suit coats, and business attire. I remember going to an interview and I could not even find a button down that was appropriate to wear. That where Norm and Janes theme came from. An outfit you can wear to work and still feel trendy

Monday, October 14, 2019

Hey what is up hello!

Hey what is up hello! I am popping in to say hey! If you are in half of the country fall has not hit yet. DC it is crisp, but it is still so hot! I love this fun outfit. Plus I am heading to mexico here soon, so why not have fun with this two piece.

I know I have not been blogging for a while. There has been a lot of changes this past couple of months (all good!) but also just a lot going on and a lot to adjust to. Thank you for bearing with me. Here is a little on what is going on.

DC Life: I actually for the first time this weekend went to the monuments. (I have been to dc like 100 times before so I have seen everything before) BUT it was fun to go again.

Weekend: This weekend my college friend and my cousin were in town! It is fun to be in a city where things are going on all the time. We ran the army 10 miler. Which I felt under prepared, but it is all done! I might actually continue to distance run... #TBT

Finds: Y'all... I am trying to find an engagement photo dress, and I can not find one. Here is everything else I have found.
-Need these shoes.
-Loving some heart earrings.
-Does anyone else love the skalla sisters? This bridesmaids dress
- Old Navy has been killing it.
-I bought about 7 of these.

Amazon Purchase: Y'all these Probiotics changed my life, never listen to a random girl on the internet, do your own research. I tried every single probiotic, but one for specifically for women has been amazing. (here)


Tuesday, September 10, 2019

After Party Sale 2019

Hey what is up hello! As you might know the Lilly Pulitzer after party sale is going on right now. I have loved Lilly for years and years and years. My sister and I even at a young age looked like two retired pals because we walked around in our bright flowery skorts and visors. 

Anyways I always find that I look at my Lilly items summer after summer to wear around. It is a classic preppy look that I love year after year. That is why I love the Lilly Pulitzer after party sale.

Here one of the items I got. (I always wear rompers on the weekends). And below is some of my favorite items from the sale.


Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Work Wear Nordstrom Sale

Hey what is up hello! We all love the Nordstrom Sale, I think everyone has beat this sale to death. I am loving rich colors for fall. I love loose clothing that I can move around in. As always, I love solid colors and color blocks. Here are some of my favorites to wear to work.


Monday, July 22, 2019

I Moved!

Hey what is up hello! I moved! I told everyone that I would announce this Monday, and I meant this Monday... Duh! No I am kidding I just stink at blogging while every single part of my life just changed. (okay, I am done being dramatic). Lets get into the moving blog.

Where did I move?

I moved to DC! I have always wanted to move to New York City, D.C., or Raleigh, NC. Pretty much I have always wanted to be be in the Mid-Atlantic area.

Why did you move?

Did I say "I"? I meant "we". Alex and I are engaged (see here), and a big part of where we went was due to his residency. There were a couple of cities, and we narrowed it down to three places we wanted to go. Then about the last two months we narrowed it down to two places. It came down to Michigan (our hometown), and D.C.

Do you live downtown?

No! We actually live in the "suburbs" I metro to work (with little walking commute), but when I get home I can still drive to a whole foods and have free parking. Win win for this gal.

What does this mean for the blog?

Nothing changes! Well... probably better content. Other than that, nothing but more content for you all to consume?

How do you honestly feel?

Before I got my job I felt so out of my league, but the second I got a job I felt so pumped and so excited and it finally felt like everything was coming together, as bad as that sounds. I am so excited to be in a big city, and far enough to feel at home in the suburbs.

What are you doing in the city?

This will be another blog post, but as my whole business career has been... I will be in business support! I will go into more details later, but you will know exactly why I chose this job;)

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