Tuesday, July 31, 2018

No equipment week long Workout Plan

This work out is obviously not the sustainable work out plan, but this is perfect for when you are about to take the army physical fitness test. There are always the rumors that it is going to change, it is changing. Whatever, this is what it is right now and i do not know about you but i can focus on three things at a time. 

This will put you in a good place to improve or maintain for your test. Also its a pretty easy full body workout. You need no equipment, you can make it as challenging or as easy as you need. 

So for the 4 mile day, go a relaxed pace this helps with endurance. Even if you have to stop for a second and walk KEEP GOING. 

Running the two mile day. This helps mentally, you can check in with yourself and see where you are at and get comfortable with running the two miles. Also making sure you hit the circuit (vs reps) it is a numbers game and we are not necessarily building muscle we are trying to hit muscle memory. 

Lastly the sprint day. Personally i do this on a track. I sprint the longs and walk the curves. I do this at a local high school track. This helps with speed and will make you extremely


My Fitness Journey

 Hey whats up hello my new (and old friends) out of no where i have had a handful of fun fitness accounts join the clan. Which is wild because i have been wanting to pivot a little more to fitness. (The life change that is coming up is going to make fashion a little more difficult but fear not it will still be in the mix) but i thought I would share some fitness facts about me before we jump into more fitness content!

1. Im on a fitness ~lifestyle~ I workout to push myself and feel healthy.

2. Im not training for anything (i mean you could say im training for the army physical fitness exam) but other than that i love to stay active and get stronger everyday.

3. Diet is my weakness. I do mainly whole 30 due to being gluten free. I do count macros but i am more on the flexible dieting.

4. I have been on this journey since 2006 and sometimes i have major wins and sometimes i have major loses! But that is with every aspect of life. I look forward to doing this fitness journey together!

gym shark is my favorite workout gear. I find their stuff is made for women with more athletic bodies. And the shoes are target i find for lifting i want flatter shoes instead of more structured for running. (Shoes make the biggest difference!!)

Last thing my dog kept trying to run away (which he never does) so i made him take a picture as punishment;) he does not look happy

Monday, July 30, 2018

Easy Work Out

Kicking my booty into high gear this summer. (Actually the gear i should have been in all year long.) Woke up today and did my favorite go to workout. Trust me your legs will die. I do this on a track (typically a high school track) around a football field.

 - 20 minute sprints. (I sprint the straight of the track and walk the curve. It comes out to be about 2 miles)

- 100 yards of walking lunges (the goal is 100 yards but try to get 50 yards if you are a beginer.)

-100 yards of walking pushups. (Google what they are. Again same goal i could only do 50 yards)

Its pretty killer for me, and one of my favorite workouts to date! Rock it out this friday!

Also I'm wearing the @gymshark flex leggings and ombre top. I am nawt an xs kind of gal but i do find these run super lager. The top is seamless and the bottoms are almost like a knot material so they are super breathable.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

My Deployment Emotional Cycle: Pre-deployment

*Note* Everything in this post is the opinion of myself. In no way is this the opinion of the the military. All opinions are my own.  

I am going to be so candid and ~real~ about my deployment story. My story is not unique but I found as a female in the army I had a hard time relating to other people's stories/ There really are not a whole lot of people like me who I could turn to.

I have known I was going to deploy since the end of summer last year. Which has essentially given me a year to prepare. Some super smart person has come up with the emotional cycle of a deployment. 

1. Pre-deployment (varies)
2. Deployment (1st month)
3. Sustainment (months 2 thru 5)
4. Re-deployment (last month)

5. Post-deployment (3-6 months after deployment)

The Pre-deployment phase for me looked like so much denial. I kept it all inside did not talk about it with anyone then finally someone close to me said, "Bridgette you are not going to go study abroad in Paris. You need to deal with this head on". 

So at that point I started opening up with close friends and getting the help I needed to deal with stress on my own. (I mean having to pack up all my stuff, tell my job about it, travel every other week, dealing with other soldier's emotional cycle... it was a lot and all at once).

 I had to sit down with family and pretty much say the same thing to them. I think it took me until about April (about the same time my relationship turned into a distance relationship) Where I got to the last part of the Pre-Deployment emotions acceptance and ready to go (so I can start counting down the days until I get come home not count down until I leave). 

It took me a lot to get to that point. Now that I am fully ready to go and have been through the emotional cycle, my loved ones are going through it. 

They are going through the fear of the unknown, the upset feelings, the stress. So now that I am at my state, I am having to now prepare my loved ones for this fun little adventure. This part was not what I was prepared for! haha

I thought I would update you all on where I am at, and share something that I never even knew about! 

Tuesday, July 17, 2018

Round Up

Hey whats up hello! Okay life has been in the fast lane lately. I am deploying in September for 9 months, and I have known about it since last August. I feel like I have been trying to put 2 years into 1, so Family, friends, and the boyfriend have been the number 1 priority. Leaving the blog in disarray. (Sorry crew) I promise more life updates will come and probably come November you will tell me to stop posting so much. 

Before that, I will leave you with a little story. I have been getting ready to move and moving is horrible. To anyone who is moving or will ever move PAY TO HAVE IT DONE! Save up the extra couple of hundred of dollars and pull the trigger. 

I have two car loads of ~stuff~ and I still need to get rid of more. Even with so little stuff when I get back next year, and move to my new place (hopefully ((I say hopefully because after this year anything can happen)) a ~nesting~ aka place I will be for more than a year) I have promised myself to just get movers. 

That being said I have had so many great ideas for this blog and I know exactly where I want this to go. With the move my stuff has been all over the place. Physically. I did my last youtube video a month ago, and I had 5 million more ideas. But I could not for the life of me find my camera. #Ugh. I used it to get the memory card out in my new apartment and I could not find it anywhere. 

My power kept going out every time I went to film and its not an excuse, but I am getting pretty bleh about video haha!

But here is a link round up about everything I have been looking at! 

This was so cute 

The Best Music Video//  I may or may not have memorized this whole dance. ( I have) Okay so I saw a clip on Instagram and was immediately intrigued. I searched the music video and oh my gosh it is the best one I have ever seen. (Okay also not saying a lot because my favorite movie is mamma mia). He does describe himself as a romantic sociopath. As a PSA I would say great at first, but horrible there after. 

Jeeze// There are so many things brands do to market themselves that annoy me. (I mean do we have to sexualize everything... aka  mascara, lipgloss, sweatshirtsThis just brings to light some of the things that are a little out there. 

Stop Caring// I do not know where this video was going, but what I took away from it is no one knows what you weight, nor do they care, so why should you. I have struggled my whole life with accepting my body and this just goes to show NO ONE THINKS ABOUT IT.

Family// This is such a family conversation. I feel like my family can never get on the same page what we want to wear. It is kind of comical, and this was relatable. 


Monday, July 2, 2018

White Dress Best

Happy Summer! In Des Moines it went straight from snow to 100 degrees outside. We never got any good weather, but we are dealing with it! 

When it comes to summer I love a good white dress. It is hands down my favorite look (well for the whole year too). I love how crisp and airy it looks. Here are my favorite looks for this summer. 


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Home Chef Review

I was target marketed so hard on this, I kept hearing about groceries sent to your door and I was just getting into the whole being an adult and making menu thing. I was actually pretty good at it, and my goal was to start making every single meal and all my snacks. I wanted to get to the point where I was eating no processed foods. 

This was going great until I started traveling all the time. I noticed when I started traveling all the time food became something I barely thought about and I started spending a ton of money on eating out or just eating a ton of unhealthy food. I noticed that my wallet was not exactly happy. a) eating out is expensive b) when you go out of town a lot you have food but you have to end up throwing it away because you have too much/ it spoils.

So I noticed home chef, and tried it a couple of times. Due to UPS issues (UPS in des moines is not exactly 10/10) but once I got on a regular schedule, home chef started working a lot better.

Home Chef allows me to not have to think about meal planning or grocery shopping. I mean the grocery store I love, just getting there and back is 30 minutes. Home Chef eliminates that trip, I do not have to think about what I am going to eat. 

At first I started getting it only when I was out of town, now I am to the point where I get it pretty much every week. This also helps me stay on budget because I am not impulse buying anything because at the grocery store I do that all the time. 

As for the meals, they are pretty darn good too. You do not have to have 7,000 spices in your pantry to have a yummy meal because they give you everything you need for your meal. I do not believe they do a gluten free option ( I have a super weak stomach so I live a gluten free life) However, If you are already gluten free you can easily substitute for a gluten free option. 


Saturday, June 30, 2018

Statement Earrings

I am typically a classic pearl earring type of gal (Which side note I have LOST my pair and I am currently looking for a new set if anyone has any good suggestions.) ANYWAYS, I am for the classic look, but I am loving the bold look for summer. I feel that if there you pair a simple white dress with some bold earrings you have a look for summer. 

Here are some of my favorite options right now: 


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Romping Around The Weekend

I have been living in rompers lately. I feel like rompers are always on sale so I have been stocking up for the past year or two, but I love wear them any time I have somewhere to go. 

This weekend we went to the casino to watch the Belmont race. Prairie Meadows in Des Moines has a little horse race track that during the summer and for big race days you can watch the race there.

It is most exciting for the Kentucky Derby because everyone dresses up (This was us last year!) 

This year I just wore white jeans, but I noticed everyone was wearing rompers. I obviously love trends, but I love seeing the local trends. Des Moines has hot and humid weather, and sometimes a dress is nawt what you want to wear. Rompers are the perfect way to look great and stay cool. Here are some of my favorites for this summer. 


Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend in Seattle

I recently took a trip to Seattle to see my boy friend in Seattle! Long story short for the next year he is moving every month for rotations. He goes for med school, and I get to visit for travel! The first stop was Seattle.   

Full disclosure the first time I went to Seattle (You can check it out here)I had a fun trip, but I did not really love the city. I was not dying to ever go back. BUT this whole next year I promised myself that I was going to have an open mind. (I mean I am young, have a job, and I have no roots, so why not?)

I was not expecting anything from Seattle, but I knew I would have great company and at least get to go to some good restaurants. Surprisingly enough I loved the area, and I never stepped foot in the city of Seattle. 

We always joke that our favorite hobbies are morning cocktails and walks with good views. Which in Seattle that did not disappoint. We woke up Saturday heading to a whole in the wall breakfast place. Which hands down had the best morning cocktails I have ever seen. A got a smoked bloody mary and I got what I think was a blueberry mimosa. It was bomb, amazing. Also the food was wild. A got a taco that the waffle was the shell (what?!) and I got "Hipster eggs Benedict" which was pretty much spinach and tomato and eggs. 

From there we headed to a hike! We parked at this little coffee shop/ petting zoo (What?!) And walked about a half a mile from the coffee shop to trail. It was so funny all the gals were wearing these cute legging and crop top sets. Then, all the guys were wearing chinos and a tshirt. 

The last time I went to Seattle I learned that hiking is not just walking. It is actually a little hard! The hike we went on was pretty crowded and pretty steep so that took a big chunk of our day.

From there we headed to a little brewery. All I have to say about Seattle's breweries is that there are amazing cider options. I had a fruit salad cider and shared some loaded sweet potato fries. 

The theme of this trip was eating. We got ready for dinner and got some bomb sea food. Which living in the midwest I never get too much. And we finished off the night at another brewery called ODD OTTER. If you are new here, I love otters (not in a weird way that I would ever wear an otter shirt). 

The last day I was there we grabbed brunch, and headed to a little beach for another walk. I love West Coast beaches, it was low tide when we were there so we could walk way out. I loved seeing all of the kids running around and the little dogs chasing sticks. We ended off the trip going for a nice little forest hike and going to another brewery. (Did you know there are such thing as hoppy ciders?)

Overall the trip was AMAZING. I totally fell in love with Seattle.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Blogger Life: Social Media: Keeping it Social

“Are you keeping social media social, or are you trying to create genuine connections [or genuine art] or are you trying to build your ego” - jenna kutcher 

Oh my gosh Jenna Kutcher is a goddess. Seriously though, I think she has been the only person to have enough guts to say something like that. It is so true though. I’ve thrown out the questions before “why do you care about the algorithm change” and the answer is ALWAYS “because it’s harder to build a following”. 

Well why do we want to build a following? I mean this is a case study of one but the last time I checked the algorithm doesn’t effect how YOU can engage with people or how others can engage with you.

So in the words of Jenna Kutcher. “Is social media social for you, or is this just one big marketing campaign for you?  Are you posting and ghosting?”


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Trader Joe's Haul

My favorite place to get all of my food. I have the biggest love for Trader Joe's. From their amazing wine selection (read cheap wine selection). To their great produce, inclusive options, and ease of finding everything. Trader Joe's,

Also the Protein drink has fake sugar, so FYI I would not get it again. ALSO, even more exciting, I got onions! So tune in to find all the exciting things that are more exciting that ONIONS!!!!

Monday, May 14, 2018

Round Up

I’m heading to El Paso! Another trip to Texas! So you know I will be sporting my Texas ring. If you have been following around for a while, you know El Paso was hands down the most eye rolling experience. It was super emotional, I missed a flight on my way back home. Just overall not a fun experience. 

THIS TRIP! Will most likely be a lot more low key. Obviously there for work, but my college best friend actually lives in El Paso! And  I have a fun shoot planned (if you are in Des Moines I’m doing 1 hour shoots for 40 dollars- Email me at Bridgettemack32@gmail.com if you are interested #ShamlessSelfPlug)

Also I was in Wisconsin this past weekend, now I am heading to El Paso, and this weekend I am taking a trip to the west coast. 4 different cities in 1 week. I am kind of low key excited to never travel ever again. Like ever. BUT it was everything I wished for when I graduated college. So be careful what you wish for, ladies;)

So happy Monday, and off we go! Here are some links for my other travelers to look at while you are in line at the airport.

Instagram Changes// I am so sick of hearing about the algorithm, and it is always the same types of people that complain about it. Here are some changes that are happening to instagram. 

This Dress// If I had somewhere amazing to be for New Years Eve, this is what I would be wearing. 

I am a Sucker// This is such a sappy post, but I love this little love story journey. 

On the Opposite Side// I am also a sucker for a good petty break up announcement;)

The Best Classic Dress// This lilly dress will never go out of style.

Millennials// This article is so funny. Talking about how millennials go through so much to live in a city. I am hash tag guilty. I drive an hour every morning and evening to make sure I can stay in the city.

Garden Party Dress// This dress is so stunning, if you have a big event this summer go with this.

My Mini Obsession// I am low key obsessed with personal finance. This was an interesting take. 

Going off that// I am so sick of the "salaries have to hush hush" People say it will only make people jealous, but what about the people who are doing the more work for less pay? I am not promoting this, but I thought it was an interesting discussion. 

Swim Suit// 1 pieces are not the best on me, BUT my sister got this suit and it was hot fire flames on her. 


Saturday, May 12, 2018

Fitness Update

I’m going to post a full blown fitness journey soon. But for the mean time let’s talk about now! My word for this year was “health” which was going great. I started small. Then in March one thing after another just kept coming up, and I just started stress eating nacho cheese like crazy (I mean hey I’m human too) it took me about two month to feel the effects. So for the past couple of weeks I’ve been back on the fitness train.

And let me tell ya! It’s freakin hard! I’m surrounded by yummy Snacks at work all day. Going for a run isn’t exactly ~fun~ BUT. I’ve kept with it for the past could of weeks. AND it has finally gotten easier! 

I am a hill runner. I’ve always loved running on hills and I just moved into a neighborhood with a TON. The hills have been hard, the last stretch to my home has One huge long hill. And I haven’t been able to get to the top without stopping. Yesterday was the first day the hills did not phase me, and I was able to run up the huge hill without stopping. 

For me the beginning stages of getting back into the swing of things is soooo hard, but the longer I stick with it the easier It gets. Also seeing and feeling results is a great motivator too!

So no matter where you are on your fitness journey, keep rocking it out to live your healthiest life. 

Thursday, May 10, 2018

Tips For Moving

Moving was hard. I donated alllll of my furniture/ sold it (Which was super daunting, but am happy I did it) I moved 10 blocks over and it took me forever. I swear I would get home from work and go 6 hours nonstop for a couple of days to get across town. It took forever, and I did not even have a whole lot of stuff!

1. It is going to take a long time. I honestly thought that I was going to get this done in 6 hours on a Saturday. I. Was. Wrong. It took so much time. If I were to do it over again (say in two months) I would start packing up about two weeks before. 

2. Take the help. Sooo many people will offer to help. You think you do not need it but take it. Ever moving thing that could go wrong, went wrong. Take the help you can't do it by yourself.

3. Salvation army will pick up your stuff from your home for free if you donate. I know most cities where they charge you 20 dollars to throw it away!

4. Hire help! Most movers cost a couple of hundred dollars. Just go for it, and that will be taken care of in a couple of hours. 

5. Pack your important stuff with your suit case. I could not for the life of me find my check book or a contact case. Pack all the important things for an easy grab! 


Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Legging obsession

I have never been on the athleisure trend. I am a type of person for the large part of my fitness journey I was wearing a uniform and using a gym that all of my "coworker" used as well. I basically was wearing a paper bag tshirt and nike shorts (hands down the best invention of the 21st century) 

Now there are many things in women fashion that I hate. I hate heels, I can't power walk to a meeting across the building or even walk the length of a football field of the parking lot to my office. I can't squat down and get a good measurement (Remember I work in "construction").

Long nails. Who on what planet made these fashionable? I could not even take my contacts out last night let alone hold a power tool. 

One thing I love about women's fashion. Leggings. Seriously Nike shorts are great, sweats are horrible, but leggings are 10/10. I recently got back into health and fitness and I motivated myself by getting some new cute leggings.

Here are some others I love! 

Four// Five// Six
Seven// Eight// Nine

Friday, April 27, 2018

Traveling Hacks You Probably Did not know

Ah so I travel a lot during the year. I travel for work, fun, and to see family. Last year I traveled 25% of the year and this year just a little bit more! Spending a lot of time on the road or up in the air you learn some great hacks. 

TSA PreCheck- If you travel 3 or more times during the year, or exclusively during the holidays get TSA PreCheck. I promise this is the most life changing travel hack. Most of the time I travel on Monday mornings, and guess what. So does everyone else! I have made flights single handedly due to the fact that I have TSA PreCheck.  

Wine Opener- I have bought 2 wine openers in my whole life. To be honest, even in college I refused to buy a wine opener, and I became a hot fire flame of a wine opener. I am not even kidding I can open a wine bottle with anything. That being said, clean out your bag every single time before you head out and start packing. BECAUSE every single time I have flown in the past year. TSA pulled me over because I had a wine bottle opener. Where do they come from? I honestly do not know. I think TSA just gives it

Wine- Okay, say you do drink wine, and you are on a longer term trip, or you are celebrating. Prosecco's cork pops off and you do not need a wine opener. 

Suit Case- Get a good suit case. Last year I kept debating splurging on a suit case or not, and it is the biggest game changer. Something that allows you to pack perfectly, and feel light when you are trucking through an airport is the best. 

Play by the Rules & Ask Questions- The travel industry makes money off of your mistakes. They have super strict rules, and are only getting more strict. Also the travel industry is fast. If you are confused or do not understand, then ask! There has been times where I have been charged with the silliest things. Take a double look, because things are always changing. 

Safety vs Price- Trust me I am a cheapo, but I will let you know that spending a couple of more extra bucks to make sure you are in a better neighborhood will make you all the more relaxed. 


Sunday, April 22, 2018

Life Round Up

Hey what is up, hello. I have not had a weekend off in forever. So this weekend had pockets of naps and lots of time hanging out. Overall, so lucky to get a weekend doing nothing.

I was suppose to have all of Thursday to clean my apartment and pack it up. However, something more fun came up (can you say champagne bar) and I ended up going to that instead of doing what I planned on doing all week. Friday, I luckily got off a little earlier due to having later meetings all week. I no joke spend the moment I got off until dinner plans running around like a crazy person getting ready for this move. 

May was probably the worst month for me to move, due to the fact that I was gone 3/4 weekends in April. ALSO, I am gone the last week in April. SOO I am now thinking what on earth was going through my mind. 

BUT I have to keep reminding myself that the laundry situation in my apartment is the worst thing I have ever experienced. It was so bad, and I did not feel safe what so ever. I have to keep saying this to myself so I do not end up canceling all the plans to move. 

Also deploying is making moving mass chaos. I am still pretty young, so my furniture is not anything special. My whole furnished apartment probably cost me less than 600 dollars. Which if you are a grown up human, you know furniture does not cost that little. 

I was hard core debating getting storage, or selling. It was a hard thing to work out. But the fact that I could get back, AND move again. Was way too much. People always talk about how moving is not a fun thing to do, and I agree. It ain't fun.

Anyways, Saturday was full of brunch, naps, and more eating. I could not have asked for a better day.

THEN Sunday was just as relaxing, but a little more relaxing. It was a great weekend of being home before having to be gone for a full week. 

Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Why I joined the Military

I have interviewed a handful of my military friends about their experience but I have never talked about why I joined or what I do! *Nothing in this blog Is associated with the ideas of the military all opinions and ideas are my own* 

How did I join the military? 

Well let me say this, most of my cousins and uncles were in the military. It was not the biggest surprise that I joined, except for me. 

I skipped my senior year of high school and I went to school at Georgia Southern University (Go Eagles!) my family ended up transferring to Michigan.

I was getting super homesick from being 4 hours away so I thought moving with them would be the best move. HOWEVER, I would not do this unless I got an internship AND was going to go to a big10 school. 

Both ended up happening HOWEVER. two weeks before school started my parents were like “hey we can’t pay for you to go to MSU.” So I replied (like the sassy brat I am) that I was going to join ROTC, thinking they would be like “no you can’t do it”

That day we made an appointment, and I was going to try out ROTC. I ended up loving the people and I signed a contract at the end of the semester. 

Okay, that’s great. That was college, what do you do now?

So I graduated from undergrad in 2016 that same day I commissioned as an army officer. (You can see the post here, and here is proof that I talk about this haha) I went the army reserves route which means you meet for one weekend a month. 

From there I went to basic officers leadership course which is three months to learn the role I would actually be doing in the army, which is Human Resources. 

After that I went to my unit and became a platoon leader (manager is how I would explain it). And I get to lead 20 amazing soldiers. 

Overall review of the job? 

I have super conflicting feelings about this. I think this is an amazing job for young people, or single people, or people who are wildly independent. The army is an amazing way to give yourself and your family and better way of life, trust me they will take care of you. I thoroughly enjoyed the military the first couple of years I was in. This job put me in high stress situations I never imagined I would be in, I learned how to deal with those things, I have gotten to do things I never imagined I ever would, and at a young age it gave me a good sense of self. Which is hard to put into words but I really learned who I was, and I can honestly thank the military for guiding me through that. I learned all of this and I just have a desk job.

That being said the military is amazing, and honestly I look at it as my greatest achievement. I mean getting to the point of being into the military and maintaining a career is a stressful and hard thing and looking back I’m so happy I was able to do it. 

However, I’m proud of that, but the thing that makes me happiest is being with my loved ones. And being in the military makes that hard sometimes. So for me that is my constant struggle. I am still learning balance, but I know I am lucky for this whole experience. I always say "I am wearing the best jersey for the best team". 

Overall, the military has been a huge part of my life lately, and I thought I would share that with you all!

So there you have it a little extra slice of my life! 
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