Sunday, October 15, 2017

Fall Boot Guide

Hey Hey All! My favorite thing about fall would hands down have to be that it is boot season! (Also leggings and flannels) but boots make it so easy to look put together, yet they are also warm and comfy. Which I am getting back into the season where I am constantly cold, so I can take ever bit of warmth I can take. 

Here were some of my favorite picks for the season. I love pairing any of these with a vest and a good tartan button down! 


Saturday, October 14, 2017

Weekly Round Up: October 14

I never do these so here is a little tidbit on what is going on in my life. I am back into normal life. I have finally caught up on sleep. I am way way way behind on blog stuff, which is fine. BUT I am really missing it. If you want to stay up to date with me my instagram is the most updated. So you can always keep up with me there. 

As for being back for an extended period of time (Yes, I even turned down a trip I am that burnt out) ((Also every time I say this I end up in texas)) I need to get back into fitness and meal prepping. My goal this year was to get to the point where I was cooking everything even snacks because I would know everything that was put into my food. And I was doing great I got to the point where I was cooking all three meals a day. (not snacks just yet). Then life happened, and I realized how easy it was to buy all frozen meals. So I am still working on it, we are all human here. 

As for everything else, I have no clue where this post is going. I am excited for fall, not so much cold weather. I am hoping to make it to an apple orchard or pumpkin patch. I want to use my instax camera more. I do not know what it is about this camera, but it really captures people's true essence. Here is my fun round out from the week! (Hope that was not too scattered) 

Rocksbox// This is a subscription box that allows you to get three pieces of designer jewelry for about 25 dollars a month! I got mostly Kendra Scott items because I love her stuff, but there are also some other great designers. You  take a quiz at the  beginning plus you have a wishlist that you can constantly update! Get your first month free with my code: BRIDGETTEBFF2 << This code because I already know we are bffs!

Baby Otter// I have been told my spirit animal is an otter. Which I totally believe because otters hold their loved one's hands all night so they don't drift off, and my equivalent to that is forcing all my friends and family to constantly stay up to date with me;) Jokes aside this baby otter is adorable. 

Fall Blazer//  Fall blazers are hands down my favorite. I kind of low key hate linen blazers. (I mean if someone wanted to give me 4 I would take them), but they are so uncomfortable and pretty high maintenance. Fall blazers give you no trouble, plus this one is amazing. (I own two in different colors).

Halloween// Halloween is not exactly my favorite holiday. It is kind of creepy and I (no shame) get spooked easily. Plus I am horrible at costumes. I am like Jim Halpert times 100. My costumes are extremely lame. BUT what I do like is a good get together, and good get togethers mean cocktails. Here are some cute ones for Halloween or fall.

Blogs// Some of my favorite youtubers are getting blogs. (Some are eh and some are AHMAZING) This one is great. Sarah has a great pinterest, blog, and Youtube Channel. She hands down single handedly got me hooked into the Youtube black hole life.

Love these colors// Too Face Makeup is THIRTY PERCENT OFF! I find makeup sooooo hard to find on sale, but check out the website and get 30 off! 


Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall 2017 Wardrobe

These are my least favorite post to make (because the graphic took a solid hour to put together) ((I promise I didn't even get distracted or ANYTHING)) BUT these are always my most popular post. What can I say, my reader, like me, like high maintenance things.  

So here I put together all the basics you would need for the fall. Which I paired some cozy shirts, that are not too thick. Because let's be real it still can get a little toasty in the afternoon. Then for the outerwear I used layers that you can easily take off. I love a good vest, and this one will actually keep you warm. 

As for bottoms, this is the only season I like jeans. Perfect to add a sweater with. And let's be honest sweaters are the sweatshirts of the work wear. I also had some cute skirts for the days that are a little warmer!

My hands down favorite thing for fall are *drum roll please* BOOTIES! I wear mine with leather leggings and a cute top!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Fall Wedding Guest Dress Choices

 So you have been to the shower, you were with the bride when she said yes to the dress, popped champagne at the bachelorette party. NOW it is your favorite part! Or just the part you forgot all together! Your dress! 

I love how weddings bring SO MANY people together. You see family friends, family from all over, and friends you haven't seen in years! So you want to look your best!
And I feel like in your mid to late 20s one is happening every other weekend! (But lets be real it can be like your sister high school throwing a prom a month after yours and you still want to creep on how cute everyone looked)

That can mean one bold dress after one bold dress, or if you are like me one classic/modern dress you can wear to ALL of them. Which is the look I went for here. 

I have solid color dress that is A-line, but the asymmetrical hem lines keeps it up to date. Because my arms and back is showing I made sure that the hem line was more modest. Plus the back is so fun for the dance floor. If you aren't for showing arms at the ceremony this can easily be paired with blazer or cardigan.  

Here are some other options that I thought would be great for every price point!


Monday, October 2, 2017

September Favorites 2017

Hello my sweet friends. So I am out of the loop. Long story short (we will get into this later) I am in Houston, Texas right now, and blogging has been on the back burner! ( I know I suck!)

That is not what this blog post is about. What his blog post is about September!!  September started in Seattle and Ended in Houston. September was full of bummed out travel plans trying to get back home a failing miserably. (Mostly because of natural disasters and not trying to get in the way of actual emergencies) 

So what happened in between? I went indoor skydiving! Which I LOVED! BUT found out I never want to go actual sky diving ever. (I am so scared of heights). I got to see my family in Chicago! Which we had this full to-do list and we just ended up sipping on cocktails by the pool all day which was good in my book.

Then I turned 23! Which everyone made my birthday so so special. As far as fall weather that was suppose to come in with September, I flew to Texas and now I understand why people actually want fall to come. Houston weather is crazy hot! I would be wishing for cooler weather too. I think it has been 90 degrees every single day. 

Anyways here is my favorites from the month!
 tea tree shampoo: this shampoo was AMAZING! It was sent to me and I didn't know what to expect, BUT let me tell you! It is my favorite scent lavender AND rosemary which is hard to come by. My aunt growing up always used to joke that I would hang out in the bathroom sniffing the soap. (Which let's be real it's a great sent and to this day reminds me of California) And it strips my hair of all the buildup and gives me a natural shine. I was just recently talking about how I can't find a shampoo that does this AND I FOUND ONE!!!

Instax: this was a gift from someone special and this was honestly on my ultimate dream gift list. I love this I carry it around with me everywhere hopping I can snap something special. 

Summer to fall shoes: where I have been there has been NO tradition. Which is fine, but I'm not wearing a sweater any time soon. I love a good open toe suede shoe for this transition period.

Natural Deodorant: So I love the idea of an all natural, no aluminum deo. However I have not found one that really works. Honestly it feels like it would be better to go without anything that wear some of these. I also heard it takes time your body to get used to it. However I feel everything fading every 3 hours. HELP! I want to use this because aluminum build up in your body can be so bad, but I need a product that works! (Maybe I will try the tarte next)

DO NOT GET THIS:  There is no reason what so ever to put deodorant in a SCOOPED OUT POT. I think the reason I am most mad, is because I ordered the stick deo and they sent me the little pop. 

Capture your Style: If you really know anything about social media this can be slow paced, but I found her photo tips were really interesting. Also how interesting of a book totally dedicated to social media.


Tuesday, September 19, 2017

23 Things I have Learn in 23 Years

I love the quote, "Some years ask the questions, and some years answer those questions." I think 22 was half and half! 22 was a great year. Which if you think I am just saying that Look at my 2016 year review. Some years are just not the best. 22 however was everything and more I could have ever asked for. Now here is one of my favorite post anyone could make! What I learned in 23 years.

23. There will always be another bus, train, plane, car. Trust me on this. No matter how much planning, how much asking, statistically you are bound to miss one of these. 22 I missed a train and a plane. Both equally traumatizing at the moment. One I ended up munching on a pink covered pastry and champagne, the other I spent a couple of hours catching up with loved ones. It sucked in the moment, but take it as an opportunity.  

22. You are so much younger than you think you are. The other day someone asked me how old I was and I wanted to say FORTY SEVEN. I still get IDed, and I could probably pass as a high schooler #ShortProbz. You don't have to have your life completely together and no one expects you to. 

21. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. SAVE. But if you stumble upon a world renowned chefs (or any other random opportunity) take it. You will not regret it and it will be a memory you can always cherish. 

20. Balance is hard. Something I found is planning my week ahead day by day and having one focus a day. 

19. Blondes have more fun. I actually don't know if this is a scientific fact, but I am always down to change my hair, but I seam to not be able to stray away from the blonde. (Biggest fan of a winter white)

18. Staying up to date on the news is your responsibility as a human of this earth, but also makes your more interesting at dinner parties. 

17. No one knows what they are doing. Not even me. Not even you. I honestly think it is how good you can wing it in this life. 

16. Be thankful. I am a problem solver and developer. I always  want to improve, but also think about the things that don't need improvement and the things that bring you joy in the day to day. 

15. Ranch will make anything better. 

14. If you can't beat them, be kinder than them. Life does not have to be this big competition, build a community, sometimes people just need a friend. 

13. "Comparison is the thief of all joy" Boy did I learn that this year. 

12. You can not run away from your problems, which sounds so simplistic, so I guess you just have to figure that one on your own. 

11. Youe fam will always be there for you, so take the time to show your appreciation for them. 

10.  You are not vanilla ice cream, you are phish food not everyone is going to like you, and some people might find you as too much. Keep doing you, and you will find the people you like and the people that love you back. 

9. Going going going, will only keep you going for so long. Remember to take care of yourself, eat your veggies, workout, and get enough sleep!

8. Take the time to always  enjoy the small things. Take in the scenic kayak trip, the porch sitting session at sunset, holding the baby, sneaking a kiss and smelling the fresh flowers. The small things add up to the big things. 

7. Life is more than the adrenaline rush, the achievement, the prestige. Life is about the people. I truly believe the meaning of life is to love and to be loved. 

6. Trust me there is not much you will regret in this life. If you have that feeling it will pass. The one thing in this life you will regret is not being kind to people.

5. The amount of times Taylor Swift 22 will play when you are 22 will be insignificant.  

4. The older you get, the better it gets. I'm not even kidding, sure 2016 sucked, but I also had all the freedom the the world. The older you get you can take a weekend getaway to Canada or take a couple of months off to go to Europe. The older you get the more financial freedom you have and you can choose where you want your future to take you. 

3. You can learn something from everyone you meet. This is odd, but even the most difficult people I can make a challenge of what I can learn from them "If I can not get upset with this person I know I can hold my cool with a child." "If I can not argue with this person I know I will not argue with a future partner". Those are the more extremes, but you can learn something from everyone you meet. 

2. Sending flowers will never hurt you. Plus, who does not LOVE getting them. (I love hydrangeas, lilies, and peonies)

1. If you do everything ethically, you will never question anything you do. 

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Michigan Trip Snapshots

Summer is about to end. Which I am extremely sad about due to the fact that I love warm weather and sunsets. Fall is good for football, heeled booties, leggings, and chili. Do not get me wrong, BUT the fall has nothing on summer. 

So with summer coming to a close, I totally forgot to post about my summer trip to Michigan! 

This was actually my longest trip of the year and we ended up staying in a place I had not left for 3 years! MICHIGAN! I could not have asked for a better trip though! So I get off work and head straight there. Little did I know that I would drive through the most intense little red patch of a storm there ever was. I think this is a good time to get gas. Little does anyone know that I am Queen of finding the worst stops off the highway. 

So i get to this gas station an it is barely covered. There is this huge tuck taking up the covered parts, and the rain is like no other. I pump the gas and RUN in to the bathroom. I am drenched. I wore my favorite silk blouse and wet silk is the worst damp material. It is sticking to my body, I am hot and soaked. I get through the storm at sunset and I finally get to the mitten. 

We started off in a beach town and I had my first experience of an intense bike ride. My behind was kicked. From the beach town we headed to BELL'S BREWERY! Dreams had been made. If you have never had Oberon for a summer brew then you are missing out. 

So we spent the day there, and headed to Up North Michigan. This was just in time for  sunset. It was hands down stunning. We went for a boat ride, then watched the sun fall.

Also in case you did not know Michigan has sand dunes and if you really want to people watch this is a great place to do it. I think everyone enjoyed seeing 9 year olds run up the hills and getting tuckered out 5 seconds into it. 

Also in case you do not know, I am athletic. Kidding, I wiped out every time I got up on this, HOWEVER the view of the lake was worth the ride. 

Overall the trip was so relaxing and full of sunsets and lakes. I can not complain anytime I get to kayak.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Unsupervised Romper

"In my defense the moon was full and I was left unsupervised" 

This is me on walking into Whole Foods and having to grab hydrangeas. It is hands down my biggest weakness. 

Hope everyone acts like they are being unsupervised this weekend! Maybe sneak into a rose garden to take a personal private tour, or get the gal pals together and completely over dress for a Spice girls themed night (wannabe is my go to karaoke song), or just pick up a bottle of red wine to share and an ungodly amount of chips and guac to have a night in!

Have a great weekend!!


Thursday, September 14, 2017

Seattle Trip Guide

We lucked out and got 6am flights! That meant we had a 4am wake up call (upside down smiley) So we get to the airport and we were ready to roll! We landed in Seattle about 10, but we were at budget for our rental car for forever.  I ended up using enterprise later in the week, and I would 10/10 recommend them. So worth the extra 15 dollars for a such better experience. When we finally gout our car the real trip started!

-So we hopped in the car and headed straight to Mount Rainier. And by straight there I mean we went to Panera. ( I got a bomb greek salad and smoothie, best thing I have ever done. The small things right?) Then we went to the grocery store to pick up some snacks for our hike. 

-Mount Ranier: So we packed up the car and headed into the park. We ended up going on the sunset trail. Which was stunning. So A wanted to pack a backpack with food and water. He even packed a jacket in case we got lost. I thought this was nuts. It was a couple of hour hike we are both pretty athletic people. I felt like this was a little over the top.

Then when we got on the trail (I only have a water bottle on hand) We kept going higher and higher, not even 5 minutes in the altitude was killing me. I could barely catch my breath. I could not power walk what so ever, and the room was spinning a little. We got to the nearest lookout to take some water and I told A he was completely right haha! 

Other than that the walk was stunning! This was hands down my favorite part of the trip. Not only was the view and hike amazing, but the drive to and from had great views as well!

-For the rest of the night: it was pretty late so we just went to dinner at a cute little brewery. I had been snacking all day so I wanted something light. I ordered a vegetable plate which I had at other restaurants before. I assumed it was going to be similar to a cheese plate. No. It was literally a plate full of veggies. I was surprised to but at first bite I was in love. I was steamed veggies with a sweet balsamic glaze and this Parmesan dipping sauce. It was to die for. 

-Breakfast:  Everything in Seattle was so fresh. We went to a spot near pikes market. I had some good old eggs and squash. I was amazing. 

-Pikes Market: We went to the famous market. My favorite par was all of the fresh flowers everywhere! The food was fun as well.

-Bubble Gum Wall: This was actually a lot of fun. I had seen a couple of other cities with popular ones, but it was for sure a good  photo opportunity!

-Seattle Shore: We stayed in this area for a while. Across the street from the market is the Seattle Great Wheel. This takes about 15 minutes in the wheel. The only down side is you have to share it with someone else. 

-Coffee: We continued to walk down the water line and got coffee from of course Starbucks. Starbuck had this nitro brew, had all of the benefits of beer but none of the buzz. It was seriously amazing. It was unfortunate that only the Seattle stores had it and none of the suburban stores had it. 

-Old Stove Brewery: this brewery is nothing special. The food is eh, but the view is stunning. They did have this cherry cider that reminded me of a beer in Belgium. Everything in the restaurant was an oatmeal color, but outside you could only see blue. It was stunning and a good place to stop by. ALSO it was so weird it was named after a business from MICHIGAN! What are the odds?!?!

-Olympic Sculpture Park: We had had a brew too many to drive to the park, so it was actually a nice walk here. This park again had a great view and was fun to walk around, but I would not go out of my way to see it.

-Space Needle: We obviously had to go to the space needle because #Tourist. It was a great view, and we went about sunset time, which I would highly recommend. It was extremely crowded, so I would watch out for that. We kind of lucked out where it was extremely clear so we could see everything.

Dinner: From there we went to grab a dinner. (We had kind of been grabbing drinks and snacks all day) We got some small plates and cocktails. This was my favorite place to people watch. Everyone looked like they were having fun and it was right next to a Tesla Dealership!

Sunday came way too quick. To be honest we only ended up going to brunch before I had to make a return to the airport;) 

Ice cream: I went to get ice cream I got the California Cabin because one of my favorite bloggers got it #Na

Overall Seattle was a fun weekend getaway, and it was fun to visit another West Coast city. I just love the mountains, I think it might be neck and neck with a good water view. 


Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Book Club: The Nest

We are back to books! So because I was traveling so much this month books were able to happen. Also if you have not checked it out audible is AH-Maz-ing. I am all about podcast, but sometimes if feels like I have listened to everything. A 10 hour audible book, I thought I was going to get through it in 5 days, and it is half way through the month and it is still going strong.

So this month The Nest is the book of choice. I love a good story where you can hate every single character. The nest is one of these stories. It is a group of siblings that were told they would get an inheritance. With an accident, the money has gone.

You follow their lives, the chaos, and the family love. I think my favorite part is the significance of Rodin’s the kiss. When I was in Paris one of my favorite places was the Rodin Museum. Let me tell ya, there is a lot of naked art. You kind of become immune to it. For some reason Rodin’s The Kiss caught my eye. I looked it walked away and came back two minutes later to take it in. I loved how significant it was in this book. Also the cover is stunning.


Sunday, September 10, 2017

White Past Labor Day

White dresses are hands down my favorite. Even walking around in the city (Seattle). A favorite activity of mine is people watching (outfit watching) and my favorite outfits that I always remember is a crisp white dress. 

Also everyone is sooo ready for fall, and to me fall just mean that the midwest winter is coming. I am sucking up every single last day of warm weather that I can get from this Iowan town. 

Not to mention this is my favorite dress ever. I love the bell sleeves and the lace. What more could you ask for in a dress? PLUS labor day is not the end of summer. (I always say my birthday is, but the official day is September 22) So keep on keeping on with the white my friends

Plus I love a good winter white too, so I say there are no white rules what so ever. 
I also feel like a cast member of abba in this dress, so you know it is a perfect one. (I didnt choose the abba aesthetic, the abba aesthetic chose me)


Thursday, September 7, 2017

Let the Games Begin

I do not want to come across as the person who is stuck in her college days.I love my alma mater. I want to give anyone as many tips are possible on post grad and I feel that most of that takes place your senior year. Also going back to school pride even as an alumni I am a huge fan of game day. I can justify this because I have been a fan of college football (slightly march madness too) for forever. Here are some of my favorite game day pics. 

You can tell Jcrew got taken over by a midwester. They have a whole rugby collection that just so happen to be in college football colors. I wore a rugby shirt to pretty much every football game. (even for preseason games with cut offs)
Here are some additional tips to getting the best school gear:
1. Online is so much easier. Just type in your school colors at your favorite store. 
2. Boutiques near your school will have the best stuff, wait for fall semester to start. 


Wednesday, September 6, 2017

4 Lies You Hear About Senior Year

 It is back to school! Congrats on making it another year. Here are some tips for your last year of college. We are debunking some myths. I feel like senior year is always made to look so glamorous, but it can be a lot of work and great fun hanging with your best friends.

1. It is the most relaxing year: That is the biggest lie. This year was probably the most stressful. I was the most involved, adding on the job search, as well as trying to fit in working so you can save up for life. It was been crazy and no one talks about that.

2. Senior Capstone: When I was a freshman a senior said to me, "No matter what your major is, it will screw you over one day." By senior year, yes you will have some crazy projects due. Mine was not in my senior capstone class, however it was during an upper level classes and it  took over everything. There are major projects you think you will not accomplish, but by the end of it you will come out stronger!

3. You Will Party the Hardest: I think by senior year I not even want to go to random parties anymore. Most of my friends had graduated, and I got the most fun out of sleeping and just hanging out with my friends. #Lame. But seriously spending time with your good friends was so much for fun than going out. (Okay still lame)

4. You will have your life together:  I do not know anyone who has it all at age 21-23. I think everyone is just looking for a job that will be a good stepping stone for the place they finally want to end up. Do not get the comparison bug, try your hardest and rock out the job hunt!


Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Wedding Wear For You and Your Date

 It is wedding season! Which if you come from a big family, that means party after party! I love a good wedding (hint hint would love to have a side hustle in the wedding industry on day).

With wedding invitations rolling in what are you thinking about as a guest? What to wear, of course! And sistah to sistah sometimes it those type of events can sneak up on you. So here I am to help you out on exactly what should be worn to what event. Because wedding events are like people they are totally different! 

We found that with Bonobos you can not go wrong. Not only will I help you find what you need to wear, but what you and your date should do to dress the part. (I am the biggest sucker for the tie and dress to match)

 Question: Can you wear black to a wedding? Personally, I would avoid it. However, yes you can go for it. There is nothing against wearing black, it will help you blend. At the same time, there are so many other options that you can go for. I would avoid anything a little too pastel/ almost white. You never know what the bride will go for. A blush or light blue have been popular choices for modern brides. 

Destination Wedding// Does anyone secretly really love these so you have an excuse to go on a vacation. This will be a more casual wedding if it is on a beach. I would say wear sandals and wear a fun laid back attire. 

The Plus One// We have all been there. You are a plus one to a wedding you know 1 person, your date. Here is the trick, keep it as simplistic as possible. You are there to celebrate the couple, but also there to support your significant other. That means keep it as minimalist as possible. Keep the dress a solid color (not anything going along with the wedding theme colors), keep the accessories simplistic, and just a pro tip make sure the shoes are broken in. This night is not by any means about you. Be able to blend in and offer to take a picture or two. 
Rustic Barn Wedding// This is such a popular wedding trend right now. However when I think of this trend, I think of no AC. That means have a light and airy feel to your attire. Also because it is an outside wedding make sure that your outfit is functional. I paired this Boho dress with this more casual suit. 

Black Tie/ Black Tie Optional// This is hands down my favorite of weddings.  You can wear a long dress this should be more simple. Where if you wear a short dress it can be a little more dramatic. I paired this with a more fun outfit and a classic suit. 

Rock it out for wedding season! Enjoy the loved ones, and can't wait to see some good pictures. 

Hope everyone has a good wedding season!

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