Tuesday, December 11, 2018

I'll take a glass of Red Wine, I mean nail polish

Hey what is up hello! The title is lame I get it. Also I love neutrals and red this season. 

I mean red for Christmas, ground breaking. BUT wine red is the best red. Also red wine is the best wine. I know little to nothing about wine. However, I do know that I like to drink it. I like trying new bottles from Trader Joes. 

Trader Joes has pretty cheap alcohol. (How do they do it?) I usually get anything for 7 dollars because baller on a budget. I do love 
menage a trois silk. 10/10 in my book. That being said here are my favorite nail colors for the season.


Monday, December 10, 2018

My Everyday Makeup

Hey what is up hello! I am kind of hash tag bored here. There is only so much running and building a website you can do in one day. I have started uping my makeup routine. Which there is still a lot to improve upon, but it is fun to spend a little bit of time every day playing around with new techniques. 

Primer// This is new to my makeup routine, and something simple to add that adds a lot. Primer really cements your makeup into place. 

Foundation// I am on the hunt for the perfect foundation currently. Well actually the perfect foundation primer setting spray combo. I was so surprised by wet n wild's foundation. 

Beauty Blender// This is also a game changer! I love brushes because it is so much faster, however the blender makes everything look so smooth!

Eyebrow pencil// I was using a brush mascara for the longest time, however I love how the pencil looks so much better. 

Eveshadow primer// One part I do not do concealer around my eyebrows, so this cleans up my brows. Second, this glues your eyeshadow into place. 

Concealer// I use this more to contour my face. This is a new step to the process, and I am still learning how to use this properly. 

Bronzer// I have also used this to contour (still learning how to use this), however if you use this along the hair line (learned this from lady gaga) the contour is perfect.

Blush// True life I am addicted to blush. I love to over dose on blush. I pretty much put this on the apples of my cheek and above the cheek bones to the ear. Can't stop won't stop. 

Laura Mercier Powder// Once everything is set in place, put this all over your face. Just a light dusting and this makes your skin looks amazing! 

Eyeshadow// I have no new tips for this, however it is my favorite part.

Eyeliner// You will notice I do not have eyeliner on here. I do not wear it anymore. It is mostly because it takes so much time and it never looks even.

Setting Spray// Again this helps glue literally everything in. Also do not put your highlighter on until AFTER this dries.

Mascara// While your setting spray dries time for mascara, this Tarte mascara works as great as a fiber mascara, HOWEVER! It has no fibers, so it is easy on the eyes. 

Highlighter// Wait until after the setting spray is in place and BAMB! This makes the highlighter glow from across the room!


Sunday, December 9, 2018

Stocking Stuffers

Hey what is up hello! I love trinkets. I learned this when I moved half of my "stuff" was clothing and trinkets haha. That is why stocking stuffers are the best!

Here is some of the little things for the person who means a whole lot to you;)


Happy 100 post!

Okay I am pessed. This was suppose to publish last night but something happened (technology wise) so we will have two post today. 

Hey what is up hello! Happy 100th post for the year! I am way behind than most years. As most years on this post I realize that I am so bad at staying consistent with this thing. Honestly though, doing Blogmas this year, I am kind of learning there is not a need for me to post every single day, my readers have even said they want about 3 post a week. SO a little market research I do not feel too bad this year haha!

Honestly I do not know where 2018 went for this blog. I did not have a plan at all. I will be honest my blog was on the last of my list on things I needed to get done. With traveling for work and trying to move across the glob, things slid to the end of the list. 

Anyways, I always forget how much of an outlet this blog is for me. Anytime I am stressing out, doing a blog post always gets my mind off of everything. 

What I did learn going through my post this year, I got a whole lot less personal and more technical, and also my readership went way down. Which is fine, but I did realize the fun post kind of disappeared.

This is why we do a review, right!

I never really talk about blogging until this year. Like the act of blogging. This post was one of my most popular post of the year. 

Reviews// I am actually pretty surprised that these post did so well. I love comparing a product I love to something better. This is how I found my favorite running shoes, and natural deodorant want the hot ticket item.

Youtube Channel// I started my youtube channel. It was super fun, but also extremely annoying because I lost my changer every 7 minutes. 

I talked more about the military// This was also something that I opened up more about. I did not think people cared, but again one of my top post! 


Friday, December 7, 2018

Holiday Booties

Hey what is up hello! This post is inspired by THESE shoes. I love glitter, but I am kind of past the age where I should be allowed to wear tons of it. This is a subtle way to add it to your holiday outfit. I am thinking all black with these POP! What a look. Anyways, here are some of my other favorite choices for the season. 


Thursday, December 6, 2018

Weekly Update- Taking Sponsored Post

Hey what is up hello! Happy weekly update. I know this is why everyone came here, the update on my bike. It got stolen! Within a four hour window my bike was taken. I work evenings, so I am awake when everyone else is sleeping. I checked all the popular bike racks AND I found my bike at the flippin bar. I am hoping someone accidentally took it, but now I trust no betch. 

I am half way done with Holiday shopping. I started pretty early so I have about 30 dollars worth of amazon Whole Foods gift cards because I started so early. However, I do have a fail, I took the gift card because I thought I was so early. I messed up, I forgot hanukkah dates and my gal pal is getting hers 1 day late #Fail. 

Other than that, I want to address something. I take sponsored post on this blog. It is not nothing crazy and I always let you all know. You all know I would only take a sponsorship if I loved the brand. Blogging like any hobby, cost a little bit of money. The domain name, photography, web design. it all cost a little bit of change. I take sponsorships and all the money goes back into the blog.

That being said I took a sponsorship with Tinder, and there seams to be a little confusion about this. I took this sponsorship because I met my boyfriend on a dating app and I thought this would be a cute way to talk about modern dating. To take things into your own hands if that is something that you want. AND I would recommend app dating to any of my best friends.

That being said, I do not have tinder downloaded on my phone right this moment. I have been dating Alex for two years and got rid of the app pretty much the second I met Alex. I took on the Tinder Ambassador position because dating apps worked out so well for me and I wanted to share that with you all! I hope that clears the air. 

Anyways Here are my favorite links from the week!

The gift for the friend who always travels.

Wes Anderson// New movie coming out, and yes I am pumped.

Love this Dress.

Why does this remind me of two siblings? 

Holiday sets are the best.

This is how I feel 100% of the time.

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

Best Running Shoes Review

Hey what is up hello! I am taking a break from the holiday frenzy. To talk about something else that I love. RUNNING! Okay being here, essentially by myself I am re falling in love with things that I used to love. I do not know if I have talked about this on here, but I am doing blogmas! (I will get more into that tomorrow with my life update post) On the short, I forgot how much I love blogging, and how when everything in my life isn't connecting, blogging is always there for me #Cheesy.

So this is the second thing I have refallen in love with. Running, I forgot how much I love pumping Taylor Swift and going for a nice little jog. It is pretty stress free here because I am not trying to meet my friends for happy hour after, or trying to wake up super early to sneak in something before work. 

Anyways I have been a Runner for about 5 or so years so I have picked up some tips and tricks a long the way. One of those being the best running shoes! 

Lets start with the worst:

Nike// Trust me I love Nike, I love their leggings, their sports bras, and number one they have THE BEST running shorts. However, their shoes suck for running. I have tried about 7 million of their shoes and I hate them all for running. I love them for strength training, I love them for biking, I love them for walking around. Running, I am not a fan. Sorry, Nike. I love you, but make better running shoes. 

Adidas Clima-cool// These were my first love with running shoes. I think I owned about 7 pairs of these. Adidas feel like they were made for my feet. These shoes are extremely light, however... These shoes have holes in the bottom of the shoes. Which is fine however not great for the winter months or for water. I think I have had plenty of wet socks due to these shoes. 

Brooks// Holy smokes, these shoes are so light. My whole mom's side of the family ran in college, and they got me hooked on brooks. These shoes are perfect for running, so light, and so comfortable.

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