Saturday, October 13, 2018

Natural Deodorant Reviews

Hey what is up hello! Ahhh the natural deodorant debate. We all do not want aluminum in our deo (how are brands still making this) yet natural deodorant sucks. I said it. So I was on a quest, and I did not know how bad I smelt until this whole thing came about.

I do not sweat all that much, and I thought how hard can this be? Wrong, my deodorant has just worked so well over the years. I have had every issue in the world with natural deodorant and here is my review, so you do not have to go on this quest too.

Tom's: Tom's worked great for about 2 weeks, and then for some reason it just started smelling sour. I give it a no go

Jason's Deodorant: This never worked ever in the history of ever. I give it zero stars. This helped with smell, not at all, and it also got the sour smell after a while.

Crystal Deo// This was the only natural one that I saw that also helped with wetness, it also had essential oils. I was sold. I was using this self tanner that was not mixing with the chemistry of my body what so ever. I was at a loss I smelt so bad. I went back to normal deo and I had no success. I picked this up and it was a winner for sure!

Friday, October 12, 2018


Hey what is up hello!  I saw this of an old post from someone else, and I was like cool I am going to do this too! Then every blogger started doing this, so now I am just behind the trend. All right ladies, we all know Q&As are the best post to read. I feel like no one ever does enough so I am jumping in her today to share a little more about myself. So lets just jump into it.


What would you do if you were not a full time blogger?
Jokes! I am not a full time blogger. I work in corporate sales in the construction industry and I work as a HR officer in the Army.

How did you Start?
in 2013 blogging was hot fire flames. I always loved magazines and this was like having my own personal magazine. I wanted to do it, and I am so glad I did!

How do you deal with criticism on blogging?

I was always told, if you do not want someone to talk about something do not open the door for them and talk about it yourself. Well, with blogging I talk about everything and everyone has an opinion. It is hard at first (Hence why I kept my blog private for so long) people make fun of you a lot. But I look at it like, well they are reading my blog. PLUS the people that make fun of it are not your ideal audience anyways.

Would you ever stop blogging?
Probably nawt. I have been doing it for 4 years, and I am working on blogging into a business. (not this blog) I love it too much to ever stop.

Do you make money from this blog?
Yes I make money, but no I do not make ~*money*~. By the time I pay for my domain and photos I break even. Honestly if you are in it for the money be a photographer! My photographer makes way more than I do and she doesn't have to do any copy writing!

What do you think about buying followers?
Pathetic, and I am just surprised brands fall for it. But honestly I do not think about it.

Do you plan on getting back to Youtube?
Youtube is the hardest thing I have ever done for this blog. I plan on getting back because it helps the blog grow soooo much, but dang it is hard.


How long have you been dating your boyfriend?
Almost 2 years!

How did you two meet?
I will do a full post on this! But we met in Des Moines.

Why do you think you two work out so well?
We both really respect each other. Our hobbies are really similar. We both are career focused. We have very similar backgrounds. He is the ying to my yang.


5 year plan?
I will be 29. Have a booming business, hopefully be in my long term location (I hate moving), and maybe starting a fam. BUT WHO KNOWS so much changes every year.

10 Year career goal?
Either 1. Have a 7 figure business or 2. on my way up the corporate ladder, but I will not be stopping my career I can promise you that.

Will you ever do an apartment/ house tour?
NO! just kidding, but I really suck at interior design/ really live under my means so I have nothing fancy. 

Favorite Food?

Wings and nachos and anything with octopus in it. 

What is your family like?
It is like my big fat greek wedding, Irish Catholic version. 

Thursday, October 11, 2018

Hitt Workout with Medicine Ball

Hey what is up hello! So I have been hating cardio lately, and I know running just makes me feel so much better. However, I can not motivate myself to always do it. I remember I felt like I could not even go to bed if I did not run 3 miles a couple of years ago, but recently I hate hate hate it. 

 I still run 2 or 3 times a week. Sometimes I break it up and run a mile at the beginning of my work out and at the end, or doing sprints feels like a cop out but you still get it in!

When I do not want to run at all, I do the second best thing. HITT WORKOUTS! Hitt workouts (High-intensity interval training) Get your heart pumping, they are so hard, and the best part they only last 20-30 minutes! So here is one that I love to do with just a medicine ball! Lets get into it!

20 reps x 4- Reverse Lunge step up. (Holding Medicine Ball)
20 reps x 4- Russian Twist (Medicine Ball going side to side)
20 reps x 4- Squat jump (Holding Medicine Ball)
20 reps x 4- Ab tuck (holding medicine ball out)
20 reps x 4- alternating jumping lunges

If you are just starting out you can just put a time limit on it. I rest about 20 seconds between reps. Also I personally like to do 1 rep and go to the next exercise or else I would get bored. But you do what you think it best for you! My booty was kicked.

Also because I am bored out of my brains I started testing random products. I tested this pre workout bottle. I believe it was 3 dollars for the bottle. I only got it because the shop I went to did not have coffee! So I just go in country and I was tired out of my brains and I was working a late evening shift. 

I pull this baby out and all of my coworkers start freaking out. They were like "Do not drink that" and I was like okay that is weird. I will hold off. So the next day I wake up and drink it right before a workout. 

Okay this was weird. Your whole body gets itchy, and not like whole body like parts of your body at a time. I was kind of bloated at the time and it was the weirdest feeling ever. I was so focused on this where I would never be able to focus on my workout. Also as for the caffeine. Yes it gives you a boost, but I do not think it is worth it. Also it has sugarlose, which is horrible for you if you like your immune system.


Wednesday, October 10, 2018


Hey what is up hello! If yall did not know, I am queen of PJs. My roommates in college always used to make fun of me because I always walked around in a matching PJ set. Number 1 wearing matching PJ sets makes you feel like you have your life together. Number 2 they are so comfortable you will wonder why you never did it before. With fall here you need to get one so you can cozy up with a cup of coffee (or wine we do not judge here) and enjoy the crisp fall weather.

Here are my favorites:


Tuesday, October 9, 2018

The Weekly Wrap Up

Hey what is up hello! So my life lately has been wake up, get ready, I ride my bike to get food, from there I work out. (I need motivation to do cardio). Then I shower, and get ready to work my late evening shift. While I am getting ready I watch youtube. Then I get back on my bike and head to work. That is pretty much my life in a paragraph. I will get more into a day in the life because before I made it to the middle east I was obsessed with what life was like. Honestly though for me it is pretty much like being at college. Which it is kind of better because I have my own room.

Anyways here is the link round up for the month. 

Dad's// I briefly moved back in with my family this summer. Which it was actually a lot of fun because I did not "live there" so they treated me like a guest, so I was living the life haha. BUT I did talk to my dad a lot and he watched a lot of youtube videos with me.

This Romper// Oh my gosh I am a sucker for a good romper. This one has all of the 70s vibes.

DOWN WITH SECRET SALARIES// Okay I am so pro sharing your salary. I mean if you are  with a group of friends or family probably not. BUT with in an organization knowing what your peers make or what higher makes is beneficial for career planning, things you need to improve on and over all keeps people honest.

Boot Season// I seriously love boots, and these you can wear to work out and about or down town.

NFL// DO NOT even get me started on the NFL. Number 1 the rules for cheerleaders are ridiculous abd sexist. NUMBER 2 those ladies do not even come close to making minimum wage. This is a great clip at looking on the inside.

Urban Decay// My 15 year old self would be going crazy. 50% off!

Enough// This was such a good way to put in perspective. "Why do not women come forward... Because they get used as a punch line"


Monday, October 8, 2018

5 Things I love about Fall

Hey what is up hello! Okay, so fall is the best season everyone knows this. My favorite memories of all will always be in college. Michigan has the best fall known to man. I love the grey days and the crisp air. It makes the whole season the best. My favorite was sleeping in on a Sunday morning, lighting some candles to get ready, and heading over to my favorite coffee shop behind my apartment and studying (with a pumpkin spice latte #Duh) and watching it rain.

This year I am in the desert, but these are my favorite things for fall time:

The Coffee Drinks// Fall has the best coffee drinks hands down. Summer, you only get ice coffee and coconut milk. FALL you get everything, mix in cinnamon and you have the season of fall in a cup.

Candles// Hello, this just sets the mood for a good morning or just handing out. I love anything woodsy or pumpkin mixed with a vanilla scent.

Vest// What is one thing that makes every outfit better? VEST! Also almost every vest has a good pocket, so you always have somewhere to put your phone.

Football// Okay I'm not the biggest ~*sports*~ fan, BUT I love talking trash and day drinking. Also cider in the mornings is just too good to pass up.

Boots// What are the most functional shoes, boots hands down. Also I feel so fancy wearing boot with every outfit.


Sunday, October 7, 2018

Deployment Update

Hey what is up hello! Hey what is up hello. So just an FYI, I feel like I only talk about this once a quarter, so for my newbies on here. I am in the army reserves. A little fun fact I am deployed! So I got here a hot minute ago. And due to this blog I will give minimal details, BUT I am in the middle east. (Just a friendly reminder that your tax dollars are being sent that way)

It took me about a full 4 days to get there. Which it is not hard to travel, but it is pretty draining. Also the 1/3 of the day time change MESSED WITH ME. Which melatonin is such a life saver, I would highly highly recommend it. About the first week I was here  I was not sleeping at all/ Sleeping 4 hours staying awake a couple of hours and then sleeping 4 hours. It was such a hard adjustment.

As far as life on Post. It seriously does not feel any different than being in El Paso, Texas. Everything looks the same. The food I eat is the same, I can get everything I use in the states here. The only difference is I can only bike everywhere. WHICH by the way getting a bike was life changing. I feel like I am on my  college campus again. The only difference is instead of snow there is just dust and sand everywhere.

Also I am allowed three beers everyday, but I have to go to a certain place to consume them so I am pretty much alcohol free because I am so lazy which is a plus haha!
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