Friday, November 16, 2018

5 Minute Makeup Challenge- Tinder Ambassador

Hey what is up hello! For today's video we are doing the 5 minute make up challenge! Perfect for a date! Just kidding! I am a Tinder Ambassador, that is my cute little t shirt. Which thanks tinder because that is actually the softest. This is the basics, and it was actually pretty difficult! Honestly, I did do it in 10 minutes from start to finish, plus I was talking to you guys! 

Here are the products I used! 

Monday, November 12, 2018

Favorite Eye Shadow Palettes

Hey what is up hello! You know how once a quarter you run out of all of your makeup. I used to get annoyed that it would all run out at one time. However, now I have a lot of time on my hands, and I have watched way too many youtube videos, I was kind of pumped this time around when it all ran out. Also there were a bunch of great deals this time of the year, so I kind of went all out. 

I will be doing some posts later on in the month. (Mail comes here in about two weeks) Showing what I got, and how I like or dislike items. However, until then here are some of my favorite palettes this season. 


Friday, November 9, 2018

Fall Accessories

Hey what is up hello! Ahh fall, I believe this is the best fashion of the year. I mean it is snowing in Michigan right now, but in the middle east it is cooling down and is super nice. I personally love boots for every outfit in the fall time. I also am loving velvet. I also love some classic pieces to spruce up every and any outfit.


Friday, November 2, 2018

Weekly Round Up: November 1

Hey what is up hello! Happy Friday, I get a half days on Fridays, so I love Thursday nights, and Friday mornings. I love sleeping in and I get to do that twice a week. I take full advantage! 

I know you are all dying to hear about my bike, well I got a junker my first month here. It did not matter I loved that thing as much as I love nachos. Unfortunately, because I rent the bike (Fo Free) I have to turn it in once a month. I think the bike people were trying to be nice and they gave me this nice new bike. The kicker is it is a male bike made for a 6 foot guy. The bar alone I literally have to throw my leg up and hope that it is high enough for me to get my booty on the seat. So stay tuned for more updates. 

Then the big highlight. Rain in the middle east is like getting snow in the south. The world ends. I am not kidding. The building I am in just got a new roof this past year, and rain came and the whole place flooded. And to give you a better picture, 2 inches fell. Which is a year's worth of rain here. To give you a better picture, Iowa gets 36 inches a year, and Michigan gets 33 inches a year. 

Needless to say it was a wet 2 weeks. Anyway, here is a wrap of the week. 

Texting// Okay, I kept seeing this post EVERYWHERE. To be honest, I did not read the whole article but the whole concept of not texting is genius. I do not know why you need to text except for logistics. I am someone who hates texting and if you eliminate that from a relationships it makes life all the more better.

Vote// For the love of all things, just vote.

Golden// I love goldens so much, when I was younger I thought that was the only dog out there. (None of my extended fam had dogs). and my family has the best dog in the world (norm) I love how they act so tough, but actually are scared of everything. 

Have to add a business article// This this this! I can not stress enough how entitled and boisterous people can make a work place so unbearable. Also some of the best people I have worked with and looked up to were extremely humble. There were not the best at excel, there were not the best at formulas, they were not the best trainers, they were not the richest people, they were humble!


Thursday, November 1, 2018

Vroom, Skirt

Hey what is up hello! Who else is a big waterfall/ kings fan? That is hands down my favorite card game in the history of ever. Number 1, it is NEVER BORING. No one ever has a bad time playing, and that is about it there is no number 2. Why would you need a number 2? Why do I bring this up, hence the title. "5 is drive".

Fall is still that season where it might be hot in the afternoon, but freezing at night. Skirts are perfect for the changing weather, and I love pairing this with knee high boots and tights!Anyways here are some of my favorite picks for a good fall skirt. 


Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Happy Halloween

Hey what is up hello! I am not much of a Halloween person. Honestly, I think my favorite Halloween was last year, we met up at a friends house, watched football, enjoyed the crisp weather, got Mexican to go food, and went downtown. It was great! BUT not every holiday is the best one ever so I will be spending this year's hanging out and catching up on sleep. (Still super tired). Here are some online shopping picks if you are also not doing anything!


Friday, October 26, 2018

Trends I Can Not Get Over

Hey what is up hello! There are a handful of things I can not get over. I am kind of annoying because I think everyone wants my advice (No one does), but there are items that have no joke changed my life. 

Blazer// There is nothing like a good navy blazer. I no joke got a good jcrew blazer on sale about 2 years ago and wear it all the time. I feel like a boss when I wear it, I am confident, put together, and stylish. 

Kate Spade// SO I got this on a whim, however I take my Kate Spade bag everywhere. Not only does it hold everything, but I can take it with me every season, and it essentially matches even neutral outfits (I really got this bag) 

Perfume// I am not the biggest perfume wearer, however this one is woodsy/ feminine and I can not stop wearing it.

Gymshark// If you have an athletic body type, which I have had since I was born, you might have had issues buying clothes that fit you. Gymshark only has athelisure, however they make most of their clothing (that I have tried) for the more athletic women). 

Loafers// I feel like these were sooo popular when I was in highschool (2010??) When a simple favor I fell in love with them all over again. 

Cable Knit Sweater// Can't stop won't stop. No one knows this, but this is like wearing a sweatshirt in the work force. These are as professional as a button down, and comfy as a tshirt. 

Baseball Shirt// I have loved these since the beginning of time. (Not kidding), however these are even more fashionable as of this year. 

Jhill// Y'all, J has the best eye shadow in the world. I am not even kidding when I say, I have never used an eye shadow better than her's. It is like sliding butter on your eyes.

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