Monday, July 2, 2018

White Dress Best

Happy Summer! In Des Moines it went straight from snow to 100 degrees outside. We never got any good weather, but we are dealing with it! 

When it comes to summer I love a good white dress. It is hands down my favorite look (well for the whole year too). I love how crisp and airy it looks. Here are my favorite looks for this summer. 


Sunday, July 1, 2018

Home Chef Review

I was target marketed so hard on this, I kept hearing about groceries sent to your door and I was just getting into the whole being an adult and making menu thing. I was actually pretty good at it, and my goal was to start making every single meal and all my snacks. I wanted to get to the point where I was eating no processed foods. 

This was going great until I started traveling all the time. I noticed when I started traveling all the time food became something I barely thought about and I started spending a ton of money on eating out or just eating a ton of unhealthy food. I noticed that my wallet was not exactly happy. a) eating out is expensive b) when you go out of town a lot you have food but you have to end up throwing it away because you have too much/ it spoils.

So I noticed home chef, and tried it a couple of times. Due to UPS issues (UPS in des moines is not exactly 10/10) but once I got on a regular schedule, home chef started working a lot better.

Home Chef allows me to not have to think about meal planning or grocery shopping. I mean the grocery store I love, just getting there and back is 30 minutes. Home Chef eliminates that trip, I do not have to think about what I am going to eat. 

At first I started getting it only when I was out of town, now I am to the point where I get it pretty much every week. This also helps me stay on budget because I am not impulse buying anything because at the grocery store I do that all the time. 

As for the meals, they are pretty darn good too. You do not have to have 7,000 spices in your pantry to have a yummy meal because they give you everything you need for your meal. I do not believe they do a gluten free option ( I have a super weak stomach so I live a gluten free life) However, If you are already gluten free you can easily substitute for a gluten free option. 


Saturday, June 30, 2018

Statement Earrings

I am typically a classic pearl earring type of gal (Which side note I have LOST my pair and I am currently looking for a new set if anyone has any good suggestions.) ANYWAYS, I am for the classic look, but I am loving the bold look for summer. I feel that if there you pair a simple white dress with some bold earrings you have a look for summer. 

Here are some of my favorite options right now: 


Sunday, June 10, 2018

Romping Around The Weekend

I have been living in rompers lately. I feel like rompers are always on sale so I have been stocking up for the past year or two, but I love wear them any time I have somewhere to go. 

This weekend we went to the casino to watch the Belmont race. Prairie Meadows in Des Moines has a little horse race track that during the summer and for big race days you can watch the race there.

It is most exciting for the Kentucky Derby because everyone dresses up (This was us last year!) 

This year I just wore white jeans, but I noticed everyone was wearing rompers. I obviously love trends, but I love seeing the local trends. Des Moines has hot and humid weather, and sometimes a dress is nawt what you want to wear. Rompers are the perfect way to look great and stay cool. Here are some of my favorites for this summer. 


Monday, June 4, 2018

Weekend in Seattle

I recently took a trip to Seattle to see my boy friend in Seattle! Long story short for the next year he is moving every month for rotations. He goes for med school, and I get to visit for travel! The first stop was Seattle.   

Full disclosure the first time I went to Seattle (You can check it out here)I had a fun trip, but I did not really love the city. I was not dying to ever go back. BUT this whole next year I promised myself that I was going to have an open mind. (I mean I am young, have a job, and I have no roots, so why not?)

I was not expecting anything from Seattle, but I knew I would have great company and at least get to go to some good restaurants. Surprisingly enough I loved the area, and I never stepped foot in the city of Seattle. 

We always joke that our favorite hobbies are morning cocktails and walks with good views. Which in Seattle that did not disappoint. We woke up Saturday heading to a whole in the wall breakfast place. Which hands down had the best morning cocktails I have ever seen. A got a smoked bloody mary and I got what I think was a blueberry mimosa. It was bomb, amazing. Also the food was wild. A got a taco that the waffle was the shell (what?!) and I got "Hipster eggs Benedict" which was pretty much spinach and tomato and eggs. 

From there we headed to a hike! We parked at this little coffee shop/ petting zoo (What?!) And walked about a half a mile from the coffee shop to trail. It was so funny all the gals were wearing these cute legging and crop top sets. Then, all the guys were wearing chinos and a tshirt. 

The last time I went to Seattle I learned that hiking is not just walking. It is actually a little hard! The hike we went on was pretty crowded and pretty steep so that took a big chunk of our day.

From there we headed to a little brewery. All I have to say about Seattle's breweries is that there are amazing cider options. I had a fruit salad cider and shared some loaded sweet potato fries. 

The theme of this trip was eating. We got ready for dinner and got some bomb sea food. Which living in the midwest I never get too much. And we finished off the night at another brewery called ODD OTTER. If you are new here, I love otters (not in a weird way that I would ever wear an otter shirt). 

The last day I was there we grabbed brunch, and headed to a little beach for another walk. I love West Coast beaches, it was low tide when we were there so we could walk way out. I loved seeing all of the kids running around and the little dogs chasing sticks. We ended off the trip going for a nice little forest hike and going to another brewery. (Did you know there are such thing as hoppy ciders?)

Overall the trip was AMAZING. I totally fell in love with Seattle.

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

Blogger Life: Social Media: Keeping it Social

“Are you keeping social media social, or are you trying to create genuine connections [or genuine art] or are you trying to build your ego” - jenna kutcher 

Oh my gosh Jenna Kutcher is a goddess. Seriously though, I think she has been the only person to have enough guts to say something like that. It is so true though. I’ve thrown out the questions before “why do you care about the algorithm change” and the answer is ALWAYS “because it’s harder to build a following”. 

Well why do we want to build a following? I mean this is a case study of one but the last time I checked the algorithm doesn’t effect how YOU can engage with people or how others can engage with you.

So in the words of Jenna Kutcher. “Is social media social for you, or is this just one big marketing campaign for you?  Are you posting and ghosting?”


Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Trader Joe's Haul

My favorite place to get all of my food. I have the biggest love for Trader Joe's. From their amazing wine selection (read cheap wine selection). To their great produce, inclusive options, and ease of finding everything. Trader Joe's,

Also the Protein drink has fake sugar, so FYI I would not get it again. ALSO, even more exciting, I got onions! So tune in to find all the exciting things that are more exciting that ONIONS!!!!
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