Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Fall Wedding Guest Guide

Hey what is up hello! So wedding season goes way into the fall in most places. Which means that the weather can be hit or miss. I know in the south September is still a hot summer month. Then in the north it is hit or miss if can be snowing in the fall or it can be 90 degrees. 

SO here on some choices for the mix of the season: 


Monday, September 24, 2018

September Book Club

Hey what is up hello! So this month I saw the movie Simple Favor and it was so good. One of  the main characters was a blogger and it could not but remind me of the book series: uglies, pretties, and specials. 

These books have been on my mind so much, since getting PR packages. It is kind of funny because bloggers get rewarded for what the put out and the followers they have. And this book shows that the more you put out the more you contribute and the more you get. When I read these books back in middle school I thought these were so far out.

Now that it is 2018 it feels like some of this stuff is right around the corner. These books are such a good read, but I can guarantee you will think about all of this stuff and what you put out on the internet AND how much big data you actually create. 

So check it out this month. They are oldies but goodies.

Saturday, September 22, 2018

Here we go

Hey what is up hello! So this is my recap from 23 I am stealing this from carlytheprepster. But I wanted to do a little recap and show what I can work on in the future. 22 was a weird year for me I did a lot and I was in different stages of my life all through 22. 23 I was a lot more established and I felt like I was more in 1 stage/ chapter of my life. 

What I did well:
I grew a lot my 23rd year. I became very confident, in who I am and what I am capable of. I think I need to work a little more on self love, but I learned so much about myself this year, and I am happy with who I am. 

I am a very stressed out person, and a recovering people pleaser addict. I used to constantly feel like "I'm not good enough". "I'm not as good as..." and I think this year especially I have grown into myself and appreciate who I am and what I can bring to the table. 

What I need to Work on:
I need to work on being a better leader. I am the type of person that I just want to be given a task and take off and do it. I know not everyone is like this, and sometimes I just make the to- do list and expect everyone knows what I am talking about. I have found when there are comments like "We can not do this" or "Why Why Why". I tend to get frustrated. 

I need to be more understanding and more of a coach in my "manager" roll. BUT what I also learned is that humans are extremely adaptable and you can learn life skills and grow as a person. 

Here is to 24! 


Thursday, September 20, 2018

24 Things I learned in 24 years

Birthdays for me are always odd. I somehow always end up doing some sort of military training. But i always end up with my loved ones. 23 started off with everything a mystery. Hopefully 24 brings in some more answers. Here is everything i learned in the past 365 days. 

1. Having a suit case with all of your toiletries and some basics packed at all times will make your life so easy.

2. Never get an apartment without a laundry machine.

3. When you are young and something sounds too good to be true IT IS.

4. When you have a quick minute to workout just do it, because it will probably rain later in the day. 

5. Do not be afraid to open up to loved ones, it is hard but it makes relationships so much better.


7. Everyone else is human just like you. People drop the ball, make mistakes, are not perfect, but so are you. 

8. Stop living like there is no tomorrow.

9. Add $$$ to your 401k.

10. Only drink 1 night a week.

11. If you do not have time to take your nail polish off, do not wear it. 

12. Find a style, that once you leave for the night you do not have to touch it up (We are too focused on more important things to care about our appearances) 

13. If everything is a priority, nothing is. 

14. Only lie if you can back it up (for a long time).

15. Never lie to a loved one (I didn't really learn this, but I can imagine it is not good).

16. Spray tan will make ya feel like a million bucks. 

17. Stop caring what everyone else thinks, and do what you love. 

18. Stop eating out so much.

19. Learn to cook.

20. Going out of your way to see old good friends will never disappoint. 

21. Make a to-do list everyday, AND DO IT.

22. Get your hair professionally done once a year. 1. it makes you feel good. 2. You need the damage control from doing it by yourself for a whole year. 

23. Make a budget and stick to it.

24. Remember who you are, where you came form, and know where you are going. 


Wednesday, September 19, 2018

Top 3 From 23

Hey what is up hello! 23 was a pivotal year for me. This was one of the first years that I felt that I was a full blow adult. I was working at my job for more than a year, I was in an established relationship, I grew the blog, I traveled, overall such a great year. Here are some of my favorite moments from 23. 

Old Friends// I actually had this on my "Before 30" bucket list and it was so exciting to not only see some good family members and some good friends from forever ago. (I actually saw my best friend from kindergarten)

Travel// I thought I was done with this in 2016 and in 2018 I was traveling everywhere to see bae but I also got to go to some cool places. I mean I got to go everywhere from Seattle to twin cities back to mammoth caves. We had a lot of fun. I felt anxious to be in a distance relationship, but it felt like everytime we saw eachother it was a vacation. I even willingly went camping! I am a sucker for canoeing, and it was actually one of my favorite weekends from the summer. 

Stress// At the beginning of this year There were some stressful situations after stressful situations. I have always been bad at dealing with stress pretty much since I was 15 years old. I pretty much just ignore everything and hope it goes away. However, this stuff was a little more "real" and I had to actively learn how to deal with problems and stress management. I am still always stressed haha, but now I know how to deal with the problems head on, and I will always remember I learned this at 23. 

Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Ultimate Birthday Wish List

Hey what is up hello! For the record, I want nothing for my birthday. I am deploying and everything I have I need to carry around with me. When you do army stuff people what to send you stuff. And I know that life, and It sucks having to transport stuff. I LOVE getting letters, and knowing that people are thinking of you. However, carrying a candle (that I would normally love) SUCKS. That being said I love these post. These are some cool things I have seen on the interwebs and I thought this was a fun post to do. 

Jhill// Oh my gosh I have talked about this before, but she has the best products. Also, she just came out with some new stuff and I want it all haha. 

Kate Spade// I recently this year invested in one of her bags. It is my favorite one. It matches everything, and I would love a more bold one fore my all black classic outfits. 

Kendra Scott// All of her stuff is my favorite. I love her classic pieces, but this is the one thing I do not own. Also her classic pieces pair perfectly with the long necklace. 

Kora// Ah! I love Kora, because their stuff is #strong. BUT also their merch gives back to human trafficking orgs. That is something I can get behind.

Starfish//Speaking of greats orgs. Starfish project gives women who are victims of human trafficking jobs, all the while making super cute merch. 

Tory Burch// I mean how could you not want tory burch shoes??

Jcrew// I mean how can you not love a good jcrew blazer?

Shinola// If you are from Michigan you know how great this amazing watch is. 

Gym Shark// I AM IN LOVE WITH ALL THINGS GYM SHARK. They have some stuff that is perfect for athletic women. Their stuff is so cute. I am just obsessed. I would literally wear anything from them.


Monday, September 10, 2018

Fall Hand Bags

Hey what is up hello! I have in the past year had way too much when I go out and about for the nights. I found taking a full hand bag out for going out on the town is a game changer. Normally, I have a wallet, phone, and keys. BUT having a purse to hold all of that is life changing. Here are my favorites for this season.

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